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Choosing the Right Dog Treats


It is nice to give our dogs treats, but these gifts should not be given to the pets at any time the owners please. There are several things the owners need to be enlightened about concerning the treats. First, the treats should only be a reward and not a bribe. Dogs should be rewarded for doing what is told to do not be given a treat so that it can do what it has been asked. When human foods are used as dog treats, they should be well ascertained that they are safe for the dog. Quantity also matters a lot; therefore the treatment should not exceed the dog's usual daily meal to avoid the cases of the pet being overweight or obese. Finally, in the case where the treats are bought commercially, the ingredients should be well checked, and the organic treats are recommended to be the best option.


It is the desire of many dog owners to provide their dog with healthy and also tasty treats. The best treats recommended for the dogs are those that are made in the USA because they do not have contaminants that could make the dog ill. This is because they are manufactured under strict rules, regulations, and standards. Also, only quality ingredients are used, and they are therefore safe for the dogs to consume.


Different farms focus on the upbringing of a healthy dog like Betsy Farms. Here the kinds of treats offered for instance are those that are responsible for good dental health, weight control, and many other functions. Therefore, the choice of the treat matters a lot because there are many sorts of dog treats for instance biscuits and other crunches made from natural human ingredients.


Freeze-Dried processes that are used most during pet coaching because of their sweet flavor, dental chew that is harder though digestible and finally bones and rawhide that enhance the development of healthy teeth and gums. Therefore, one is needed to purchase the right size of the rawhide and bones for their dogs to prevent choking. To gain more knowledge on where to find the best dog treats, visit http://www.ehow.com/pets/dogs/.


The size of the dog plays a bigger role in selecting the best treatment. Big and hard treats might be difficult for smaller dogs to gnaw efficiently and at the same time bigger dogs might consume a smaller portion which is unhealthy, and therefore one is required to buy that treat for them constantly. Although the foods happen to be expensive, they are safe and healthy for dog's consumption. Know about Betsy Farms chicken jerky here!